How To Break Up with Your Cable Company

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"If your relationship with your cable provider is driving you mad like this man, brace yourself. It’s only going to get worse." writes Donna Rosato from Money magazine. 

According to market research group NPD, the  average monthly cable TV bill is rising 6% a year. It’s projected to hit $123 a month next year and top $200 by 2020.

Here are four movies you can make to cut the cost:

Downsize. Who needs all those channels anyway!

Play hardball. Call you cable company and say you quit!

Go a la carte. Many prime TV channels offer a la carte subscription now!

Get an antenna. You can get a good antenna for $10-100 depending on  your budget. Add to it service for $2 per month and you have live TV with Cloud DVR, watch it anywhere, anytime.  

Read a full article from Money magazine.


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