TV reinvented! Fire your cable company after CES 2017

Fire your cable company! brings you a new way to watch, pause, and record Live TV with CloudAntenna OTA DVR that works with ATSC over-the-air broadcast in the United States and around the world with DVB-T/DVB-T2/Satellite signals. Paired with a 4G LTE MiFi Router, it gives you FREE Internet at 4G speeds.

Cloud DVR
Today, you can get an HD antenna, connect it to your TV and watch live programs for free. The CloudAntenna is the next generation! It is an Antenna, powered by Android TV, combined with the FreeAir Cloud TV and Cloud DVR services, so you can watch, pause and record live TV channels locally or into the cloud.

The CloudAntenna perfectly integrates into our lives with Google Play services and Cloud DVR. Artificial Intelligence (AI) understands and predicts what you want to watch, saving you time and energy, and making your life easier. It is the future of how we will watch TV.
CloudAntenna and MiFi 4G LTE Router devices are now available for lease or purchase as little as $4.99 per month on website at
  1. Easy to setup. Your CloudAntenna simply connects to your existing network and HD or satellite antenna. No cable wiring or IT degree required, scan your channels and start watching. 
  2. Never run out of space. Record it to the cloud, your hard drive, your network drive or computer. Never miss a show again. 
  3. Watch it anytime, anywhere. Just open the FreeAir application on your smart tv, media player, computer, and mobile device. Start watching your favorite shows, at home, in your office, on vacation, anywhere you go. 
  4. More money in your pocket. Your cable TV or internet bill? Gone in 60 seconds!  
  5. Open API for developers. Developers can use the CloudAntenna API to offer new capabilities and features that you can select and install, like an app on your phone.

And when you add the FreeAir 4G LTE MiFi router, the Internet goes where you are, at 4G speeds, take your show on the road trip, to the beach, or into your back yard. When you watch commercials, FreeAir will share 50% of its revenues so your Internet connectivity might be free. The next call you make is to fire cable provider.

About is your FREE alternative to watch TV and browse the Internet. Start saving money with Stop paying for TV you never watch. With you get a wide selection of top channels and it’s FREE. Simply connect CloudAntenna OTA DVR to cloud services. And with 4G LTE MiFi router, the Internet and your TV go where you are, at 4G speeds, at home, in the car, or take it on vacation. Join TV Rebels at and fire your TV provider.


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