Where Roku ends CloudAntenna picks up with Android TV + Antenna + DVR = TV 4.0

Roku’s claim to be America’s favorite media player is new being challenged. The CloudAntenna team has picked up where Roku left, adding an antenna that allows you to record and watch local Live TV, powered by Android TV with millions of apps from Google Play store. Welcome to the world of TV 4.0

Not only are consumers overwhelmed by all of the choices of media players in the market such as: Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV and Android TV they are confused by what channels they will be able to watch. After making a choice of media player, consumers still face a dilemma. If I cut my cable or satellite service, can I still watch my favorite local TV channels and sport teams?

CloudAntenna breaks through all of this confusion. CloudAntenna is integrated with Android TV platform and offers you an advanced, smart, and customizable solution to watch and record live TV channels for FREE!

Consumers connect to “over-the-air” free broadcast signals from major networks like ABC, CBS, 
NBC, Fox, The CW… and record shows, locally or to the cloud, just as easily as a good old VCR but with the newer capabilities of TV 4.0 made available by CloudAntenna, they can watch their shows anytime, anywhere.

What would you do with $1,000+ you save next year? Take another vacation! Buy yourself something nice!

The CloudAntenna is the next generation! It is an Antenna combined with the power of cloud computing, to record and watch Live TV channels and seamlessly works with FreeAir.tv service and build with Android TV.

Here are top reasons to get your CloudAntenna:
  1.  Over 1.8 million apps with Android TV and Google Play store
  2.  Full TV Guide
  3.  Local and Cloud DVR
  4.  Skips ads, pause/rewind live TV
  5.  Watch anytime, anywhere
  6. 600+ International TV channels

If you pre-order today, you will get FREE World TV and Cloud TV service for 12 month with $240 value. Watch and record 600+ Live TV channels FREE for the next year in addition to your favorite local channels.

PREORDER.  CloudAntenna is available for pre-order for as little as $149 via Indiegogo. Limited availability extended till January 15, 2016.

About CloudAntenna. Designed and developed by FreeAir.tv, a San Diego-based company founded by Vlad Kroutik. CloudAntenna allows consumers to watch and record Live TV channels anywhere and anytime with FreeAir.tv service and powered by Android TV. CloudAntenna is available for pre-order now till January 15, 2016 at http://bit.ly/getcloudantenna.


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